Don’t Skip the Wedding Album

Wedding albums are not just for remembering your wedding. Albums are also for remembering your family at that particular moment in time.

Everyone you know and love will come to your wedding – your grandparents, parents, your extended family, not to mention close friends, co-workers and even neighbours.

Photos of the people you care about deserve to be remembered in a beautiful wedding album that you can look at, over and over, for years to come.

Renaissance AlbumsPhoto credit: Renaissance Albums

Renaissance Albums

Sure, you can make your own online – but these albums are cheap and will look old and tattered in a few years. It’s better to get a custom wedding album from your photographer, as these high-quality books are designed to last a lifetime.

The ones I carry are from Renaissance Albums in the United States. I’ve dealt with many companies over the years – some as far away as Japan and New Zealand – but Renaissance is the best company I have ever worked with for two reasons:

First, Renaissance albums are gorgeous. The books are hand-crafted from leather and other premium materials, while the pictures inside are printed on archival paper for the highest possible quality.

Second, Renaissance albums are relatively cost-effective. Look, no custom album is ever going to be cheap – but Renaissance Albums are great quality for a fair price, which means that I can offer them to my clients for reasonable prices.

Album Companies Sell Through Professional Photographers

So why not skip the photographer and buy an album directly from the album company? Well, because album companies don’t sell to the public. Albums are complicated and time -consuming to make, and album companies are just not set up to deal with consumers with no knowledge in this area.



Photo credits: Renaissance Albums

So, be sure to get an album after the wedding. Because, when you think about it,  shouldn’t your album be as beautiful as your wedding day was?

Getting married? Contact us for a price list, and to see if we’re still available to photograph your wedding: (514) 208-4747.



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