3 Tips for Pulling off Mismatched Bridesmaid’s Dresses  

There’s a great new trend in weddings: let bridesmaids choose their own dresses, but all in the same colour.

I love this trend – everyone looks more comfortable in a style that suits them (and therefore looks better in photos), and the thrifty-miss / anti-consumer in me rejoices that the dresses will be worn again after the wedding.

There are three things to keep in mind if you decide to go this route:

1) Tie the look together with a matching accessory

I had a wedding a few summer ago where all the bridesmaids wore floral garlands.  they caused quite the stir, walking through the streets of Old Montreal hand-in-hand, looking like goddesses!

The girls LOVED the headpieces (what little girl doesn’t dream of wearing a flower crown?) – and it was a look that seriously rocked.

mismatched bridesmaids dresses old montreal studio iris
mismatched bridemaids dresses floral hedbands studio iris montreal

2) Use matching bouquets

The easiest way to tie mismatched bridesmaid’s dresses together is with pretty bouquets in a colour that matches the dresses. It always looks lovely in photos.

three tips mismatched bridemaids dresses studio iris photoraphy montreal

3) Attempt to make the dresses all the same length

If you can, designate a hem length – mid-calf, mini (if all your friends are those pencil-thin 22-year-olds), full length, etc. Otherwise, you might end up with five long dresses and one mini-skirt.

If that doesn’t happen, it’s not the end of the world – just remind your photographer to place people so that the hemlines look good all together, as in the photo below:

mismatched bridemaids dresses blue and green studio iris montreal

Getting married? Contact us for a price list, and to see if we’re still available to photograph your wedding: (514) 208-4747.

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